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The new Autumn and Winter edition of the Broxbourne Arts Forum Programme covers events from September 2018 to March 2019.

Containing details of the activities of BArts' affiliated groups, as well as the events being promoted by BArts, it is available from the Spotlight, Hoddesdon, One Stop Shops, Libraries or on request from BArts' members.

Our recent Exhibition at the Spotlight Gallery, entitled "The Glory of the Garden", in which artists and photographers explored the subject in wonderful colour, ran until 20th July 2018. The next Exhibition, entitled "Nostalgia" and giving local artists and photographers the opportunity to explore the past in pleasurable ways, will run from 3rd September to 26th October 2018. If you have work you would like to submit for this exhibition, please contact 01992 465383 for entry details. 

We've joined the Broxbourne Lottery - click here for more information!

Student Arts Awards: BArts offers grants for young people pursuing high standards in arts activities. See more details here.

See below the programme introduction from Lee Rayner.

To see a full listing of the events calendar click here.



Autumn/Winter Season 2018/19

With another successful summer season behind us, we are now looking forward to the Autumn and Winter events that the BArts’ team and its affiliated groups have been planning over the past few months.  While this programme covers September this year to March 2019, you may be surprised to know that we already have ideas, titles, publicity designs and Spotlight bookings for our themed lunches and exhibitions in 2020, so there isn’t much time for the BArts’ team to unwind between seasons!

Check the following pages for the full range of activities available under the BArts umbrella.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events in the near future.

Lee Rayner, Director of Programming

Malcolm Gordon, Chairman, and the BArts’ Team


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